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Plant Care

Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks when it comes to enjoying your garden all year long.

Hanging Basket Care Guide

Knowing when to water is essential to maintaining a balanced and healthy annual.  Follow these steps to determine frequency, amount and duration of irrigation.

Trim you annuals throughout the season

When your annuals start to look leggy or tired, don't hesitate to trim your annuals throughout the season.

Make your own hanging basket part 1

How many plants should you use in your basket.

Make your own containers

Everything you need to know about designing and planting your own container at home.

How do I fertilize my annuals?

Fertilizing your plants provides the nutrition it needs to continue producing colour all summer long.

New flower bed tips

Considerations for planting a new flower bed.

Make your own hanging basket part 2

Choose the right plants for your baskets.

Important considerations when making a veggie garden

A few very good tips on how to build a raised bed vegetable garden.

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